Joining a Greek Organization

Greek letter organizations at Dartmouth are led by five councils, all of which obtain new members through a variety of recruitment events at different points throughout the year. Learn more below.


Many students will participate in the recruitment process on campus this year. The relationships developed within fraternal organizations can be a meaningful and rewarding experience both during college and after. The decision to join should be made thoughtfully and with an individual’s values in mind in order to make a choice that suits your hopes and aspirations. 

How to Join

Currently, there are twenty six different Greek chapters active on campus: three gender inclusive fraternities, ten sororities, and thirteen fraternities. Most operate from residential facilities (either a free-standing house or a college-owned apartment). 

If you decide to join a Greek letter organization, you will make a commitment to the organization and participate in an orientation or intake process. This process can last no longer than six weeks and will serve as a way of familiarizing the newest members with the history, activities, governing structures and values of the organization. 

The Office of Greek Life staff review the content, activities and curriculum of every new member program for each recognized Greek letter organization. Each student participating in the recruitment process must complete a program educating them on the Dartmouth hazing policy and services available to them as new members, as well as a Dartmouth Bystander Initiative program, facilitated by staff from the Student Wellness Center.

Recognized Organizations

Dartmouth College values student leadership and learning and chooses to support organizations that promote individual growth within the overall context of the educational mission by granting College recognition. We are concerned for the well-being of all members participating in the Greek letter community and provide support and assistance in maintaining a safe environment.  Scholarship, leadership, service/philanthropy, brotherhood/sisterhood, inclusiveness and accountability are expectations of the fraternity and sorority experience at Dartmouth College. 

The College supports its recognized Greek letter organizations by offering programmatic and administrative assistance, physical plant and housing support, financial training and auditing, leadership and academic development, as well as individual organization advising. 

Unrecognized Organizations

Dartmouth College strongly discourages student participation in unrecognized organizations. Unrecognized organizations are not connected or affiliated with Dartmouth College in any way and as such, are not bound by the College's policies and regulations, including policies relating to safety in Greek letter organization housing and activities. We strongly advise all students and parents to consider this if students are recruited by or invited to attend events planned by any of these unrecognized organizations.

Dartmouth students enrolled in classes or on a leave term may not live in a Greek letter, undergraduate, or senior society facility that is not recognized by the College.

The following Greek chapters have been derecognized by Dartmouth College:

  • Alpha Delta Fraternity (removed in 2015)
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (removed in 2016)

Derecognition is defined in the Dartmouth College Student Handbook as revocation of recognition. We direct you to the Office of Greek Life Handbook (pdf) for a description of the privileges that recognized organizations enjoy.