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Summer 2022: Summer of Reflection


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Summer of Reflection

…is all about pausing to check in with yourself and notice where you are at (physically, mentally, emotionally) and what's happening for you in this moment. It's about kindly considering what brought you to this point in your life – the decisions you've made and those that were made for you, the challenges and successes you've experienced, and everything in between - without needing to critique whatever arises. When we create moments like this to reflect non-judgmentally, we cultivate greater self-awareness, make better sense of our experiences, and gain clarity for discerning our next steps.

    Stay tuned all Summer term for weekly resources, tips, and reflections on how to take your seeds of intention and nurture them to grow and come alive in your life.

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    Wellbeing Tip for this Theme

    Let's Get Started:

    As we delve into the world of reflecting for the summer, keep these tips in mind to help steady your mind and your heart:

    1. Be 100% honest with yourself.
    2. Note patterns of your thoughts, feelings, and actions and jot them down in a journal. 
    3. Recognize the core values and beliefs that emerge for you
    4. Be kind to yourself in the process.  It's about self-discovery, not self judgment. 

    What led you to being the person you are right now?  How can you make sense of the puzzle pieces that have created your unique life?


    Yoga Practice for this Theme:


    Meditation for this Theme:

    The STOP practice - a classic mindfulness tool for reflection that is as simple as Stopping, Taking a few deep breaths, Observing, and Proceeding with intention.

    STOP 2.5 Minutes by Dartmouth Student Wellness Center


    Blog Posts for this Theme:

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