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January/February 2022: Inspiration into Intention

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grey road on right, water on left, reflecting snow capped mountains and blue sky

Inspiration into Intention

...is all about recognizing what inspires our deepest passions (academics, work, relationships, and/or pastimes), and then allowing that to be what guides our thoughts, words, and actions as we move into the New Year and beyond.

For example, if you are passionate about a social justice cause, think about the 'why' behind that passion.  Is it because you value equality, love, or peace?  If "peace" is your "why" (aka your inspiration), see how you might infuse all you do with a sense of peace and let that set a foundation for intention to grow. 

Stay tuned all this January and February for weekly resources, tips, and reflections on how to connect what inspires you more deeply to your intentions. Don't want to miss out?  Update your preferences for how often you hear from us! January 4th's newsletter is available here.

Wellbeing Tip for this Theme

To get started, we thought it might be helpful to describe what exactly an intention is. 

At the SWC, we think of intentions as heart-felt qualities you aspire to bring forth, or practice more in your life. An intention could be specific to a particular situation or moment in time, or it could be more general - a way you want to approach the relationships and experiences that make up your life. Intentions differ from goals in that rather than being outcome-focused, they arise from an ever evolving values-based orientation (e.g. 'May I live with kindness').    

As renowned meditation teacher and Dartmouth alumnus, Jack Kornfield '67, says, 

"Intention is the seed that creates our future."

Yoga Practice for this Theme:

Setting the Foundation: Saluting the Sun 

In this class* we'll focus on the foundations of yoga asana (poses) through breath work, sun salutations, and warrior poses; paying particular attention to safe alignment and making clear, skillful intentions. This class can be done as a stand alone class, or as day 1 in the SWC's ReCentering 7-day yoga challenge. 

Meditation* for this Theme:

3-Minute SHIFT Practice: SHIFT your attention and intention to the present moment with this very simple and brief practice that helps you tune into now. 

SHIFT - 3-Minute by Dartmouth Student Wellness Center

*These and other related poses and meditations will be highlighted in our Yoga classes and Mindfulness Drop-in sessions each week.

Blog Posts for this Theme:

Inspiration into Intention


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