SWC Monthly Theme

Foundational Ideas for Wellbeing

SWC Monthly Theme



…is all about learning to be adaptive in nearly every dimension of our lives. Because we can't ever fully predict what will occur, an important skill for maintaining our wellbeing is cultivating a capacity for flexibility – in our expectations, our thinking, our behaviors, our interactions with others, and potentially even our goals. When we are able to be flexible, we can bend without breaking, transforming adversity into opportunity and finding that we are resilient in ways we never imagined.

Reflect on this:

What would it look and feel like to embrace flexibility in terms of expectations for fall term?

Yoga Pose* of the Month:

  • September - Warrior 2
  • October - Chair Pose

Meditation* of the Month:

*These, and other poses/meditations, will be highlighted in our Yoga for Stress Relief class and Mindfulness Drop-in sessions each week.

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