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Summer 2021: Joy & Playfulness


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...is all about creating space in your life for delight and light-heartedness, even if it's for a moment or two. It's letting go of the need to constantly practice, perform, or perfect and instead embrace something that feels replenishing and fulfilling.


Wellbeing Tip for this Theme

Let the Light In - Watch for opportunities to lighten things up for yourself. 


  1. One way to do this is looking for the cracks in your day where you can let the light in. Maybe you can find these in the moments between classes, before you get into or out of bed, or while spending time with a friend.   
  2. See if you can allow yourself to let go of thoughts about the rest of your day, and simply savor those moments fully and completely. Be present with yourself and others in a spirit of playfulness, awe, or joy. 
  3. Recognize that it's not just okay, but actually helpful, and even necessary to have playful, joyous moments so that you can sustain your efforts in other equally purposeful parts of your life -- whether that's with your academics, social justice, or anything else that matters to you.

Yoga Pose* for this Theme:

  •  Sun Salutations 

    In this class, LB takes us through an exploration of joy and playfulness within our yoga asana (poses). We'll have fun flowing in and out of Sun Salutations and seeing where we can let some humor in. This is a great class when you need a little lift or lightness in your day. Enjoy!

Meditation* for this Theme:

  • Joy & Appreciation Meditation 

*These, and other poses/meditations, will be highlighted in our Yoga classes and Mindfulness Drop-in sessions each week.

Blog post for this Theme:

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