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APRIL 2021: Purpose on Purpose


...is all about taking time to pause and reflect on what truly matters to us, where we are actually headed and more importantly the "why" behind all of that. It's about aligning our actions with our values and asks us to consider "HOW is it that I want to live my life right NOW"?


Wellbeing Tip for this Theme:

Try This!  Finding Your "Why" + "How"

As you embark on Spring term pause and reflect on these questions:

  1. How do I vow to live each day?

  2. What qualities + values do I want to call forth? 

  3. How can I live my "purpose" in all that I do?

Taking a moment to reflect on how you want to show up for life can help you find purpose and meaning in any and every moment.


Yoga Poses* for this Theme:

  • Mountain Flow (tuturial video coming soon!)

Meditations* for this Theme:

*These, and other poses/meditations, will be highlighted in our Yoga classes and Mindfulness Drop-in sessions each week.

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