Thriving @ Dartmouth

About the Program

A Free Course offered for 1 PE credit!

Boost performance and promote stress-management! Through experiential learning, group discussion, mindful movement and the practice of specific skills that help to calm and focus your mind, Thriving @ Dartmouth (T@D) will help you to cultivate a simple, effective mindfulness practice, deepen your emotional intelligence, and learn how to thrive holistically throughout life at Dartmouth and beyond.

What to Expect

T@D is a highly experiential class, and you will be asked to try out various evidence-based exercises that have been found to be effective at improving overall wellness. Activities include meditation, breathing exercises, mindful movement (hiking and/or yoga), journaling, and an off-campus community project, to name a few. We will also explore self-care topics such as Self-Compassion, The Science of Happiness, and The Power of Play.

Weekly group check-ins, partner/small group sharing, and a one-on-one wellness check-in with the T@D instructor further contribute to building community within the class.

Search for Thriving@Dartmouth on Banner when you sign up for classes.  Class time and more information is available on the Dartmouth Recreation site.