Laura Beth White

Wellbeing + Mindfulness Specialist

Laura Beth (LB) White has been working in the wellbeing field for nine years where she has served a wide range of populations including healthcare employees, veterans, youth, and young adults. She completed her undergraduate degree with a focus on the intersection of mindfulness and holistic mental health counseling at Union Institute & University.  LB has also completed a yoga teacher certification through YogaDharma, a wellness coach certification through the National Institute of Whole Health, and just recently completed her Koru Mindfulness training. Her personal mindfulness practice combines with her education and training to provide her with a foundation of expertise and authenticity for her work with others. Currently, LB serves as the Wellbeing + Mindfulness Specialist of the Dartmouth College Student Wellness Center where she is developing programs that enhance students' capacities for mindfulness while also broadly supporting the holistic wellbeing of all students.

On most days, you can find LB doing something food related: cooking, listening to food podcasts, perusing cookbooks, and of course eating! She spends many an afternoon cleaning up after her 4-year-old and 19-month-old's pizza dough escapades! One day she hopes to rekindle Quincy's - the Saturday morning farmers market stand that she and her mother once (wo)manned.


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