About Rehiring UGAs

The application process for returning UGAs is different from that of new UGAs.

Rehiring UGAs

Current UGAs do not get their jobs back automatically; they are rehired based largely on their performance in the UGA position. Meet with your supervisor to discuss whether you should return for another year. 

Rehiring decisions are based upon your motivation, commitment, potential for continued growth and learning in the position, and of course your performance during your tenure as a UGA.

Application Steps

If you have not served as a UGA in the current or previous academic year, please complete the new UGA application. Candidates wishing to apply as returning UGAs must have served at least one term as a UGA in this academic year or the previous academic year.

If a candidate or returning UGA declines an offer of a UGA position for reasons outside of the list below, they must reapply as a new UGA candidate.

  • Emergencies of family or health
  • Academic Conflict (D-plan-related)

This list is subject to revision by the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee. If you have questions about this or would like to request an exception to this policy, please contact us.