Allen House

About Allen House

Allen House is co-led by a live-in Residential Education professional staff member and a House Professor who lives nearby. In addition, the Allen House leadership team consists of four Resident Fellows and a team of Undergraduate Advisors (UGAs). A Program Coordinator is also a part of the House team and student leadership opportunities exist through the House Executive Council.

Assistant Director of Allen House - Meghan Sisk

House Professor of Allen House - Janice McCabe

Housing Information

Gile, Streeter and Lord, the residence halls that make up Allen House, have singles, two room doubles and two room triples. There are a few three-room triples (smaller than most of the two room triples) and there are two three-room doubles.

First-year students who are Allen House members will live in Bissell and Cohen with other first-year members of their House Community, and in mixed-class housing in Gile.

What Type of Room Can I Expect?: Sophomores are mostly in triples and some doubles, juniors in doubles and some singles, and seniors in singles and a few choose doubles. First-year students are typically in one room doubles, triples and some singles.

Gender Inclusive Housing/Single Sex Housing: The ground floors of Gile and Lord and the first floor of Streeter are gender inclusive with one multi-person, gender inclusive bathroom on each floor. All doubles and triples in Gile can be assigned to multi-gender roommate groups. The bathrooms on the first through fourth floors of Gile are gender-specific, Lord floors 1-4 and Streeter floors 2-4 are single-sex by floor. Bissell and Cohen have gender inclusive bathrooms on each floor.