Leave-Term Housing

Leave Term Housing is a possible option for students who wish to live on campus to do research and/or work (average of 30 hours or more per week) during the winter and summer terms. Leave term housing is not available in the fall or spring terms.

Applying for Leave-Term Housing

The applicant must fill out the appropriate section of the winter or summer BannerStudent application and provide written verification of College employment or College-related activity to the Housing Office.

Leave-term housing is most readily available during the summer term and is usually available in the winter.  Leave term housing is not available for fall or spring terms. 

On-time leave-term applicants will be assigned as space permits after all on-time enrolled students have been accommodated.  Priority goes first to seniors, then juniors and then sophomores.

Dining Plan and Financial Aid

Any leave-term student living in housing coordinated by the Undergraduate Housing Office (including all undergraduate residence halls and apartments, affinity/special interest programs, and College- or privately-owned Greek and undergraduate society facilities) must participate in a college dining plan at a level no smaller than the “SmartChoice5” or “Block Choice45” plans (or their equivalent).

Financial aid monies that normally go towards room and board are not available for leave-term room and board costs. Students who receive financial aid are asked to meet with their financial aid counselor to review their individual situation and options.