There are six primary areas of responsibility for the UGA position, in addition to the list of basic job requirements. These are examples of specific tasks UGAs are expected to perform.

Promote Health, Wellness and Safety

  • Respond to crisis situations that arise and support and refer residents who are dealing with ongoing personal crises.
  • Inform residents of security and safety-related precautions, processes, and facilities/equipment.
  • Assist residents in living comfortably, effectively, and securely in the physical space of their residence hall.
  • Participate in the community walk-through system that will be scheduled by each cluster/House staff.
  • Inform residents of college and residential standards and the rationale behind them and address and document inappropriate behavior.
  • Fulfill responsibilities as a Campus Security Authority and support student health, wellness, and safety by linking residents to campus resources through established reporting procedures.

Facilitate a Sense of Community

  • Encourage the development of relationships among residents, and between residents and their House Professor, Assistant Directors, Resident Fellows, and other members of the residential community.
  • Actively engage your residents in the events, traditions, governance, and programs of their House community.
  • Create a sense of inclusion and unity among residents and an atmosphere of safety and respect in your community.
  • Promote open communication, mutual understanding, and the development of shared expectations among residents.
  • Encourage residents to assume leadership roles in their community, such as through involvement in their House Executive Board and the promotion of SIPs (Student-Initiated Programming).
  • Foster open communication and effective living relationships between roommates.
  • Use the community walk-through model to increase the sense of community in the residence halls.

Develop Individual Relationships with Residents

  • Develop and maintain an appropriate relationship with each individual in your community.
  • Support individual residents in meeting their personal, social, and academic needs.
  • Be available and approachable to all residents.
  • Use department-funded meal plan as opportunity for engagement with residents over meals.

Be a Productive Member of the Staff Team

  • Actively contribute to the development of a unified and productive cluster staff team in your residential and House community.
  • Fully participate in the learning and growth experience that comes with being an engaged member of a staff team.
  • Support the efforts of other UGAs on your staff, your Assistant Director, and the House Professor, Resident Fellows, and other members of your House community.
  • Work and communicate effectively with your supervisor, including attendance at one-on-one meetings and keeping your supervisor fully informed of student and community issues in a timely manner.
  • Support the mission and values of Residential Education and the Division of Student Affairs.

Foster Integrative Learning and Development

  • Use the functions of the UGA position and the opportunities provided by the Houses and Living Learning Communities to foster integrated learning, personal growth, and goal attainment of residents.
  • Assess and define the needs of your residents and actively work to meet those needs, including the class-specific needs (e.g. first-year, upperclass) of all residents.
  • Advise and make referrals for residents on personal and academic matters as appropriate to your role as a UGA.
  • Implement departmental programs and initiatives to meet the learning and developmental needs of your residents, including new initiatives such as the Houses and living-learning programs.

Demonstrate Leadership and Professional Skills

  • Maintain a positive attitude toward the job, the department, and the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Exercise good personal judgment and be a positive role model.
  • Be timely and thorough in submitting paperwork and fulfilling other administrative responsibilities.
  • Attend meetings as directed, including weekly cluster staff meetings, House team meetings, all-staff meetings held termly for all UGAs, continuing education sessions, and one-on-ones with your supervisor.
  • Disseminate information to residents.
  • Assist with major office and college functions (such as Room Draw, hall opening and closing processes, UGA selection, new student orientation, large campus events, House events, etc.).