About the Interview

The individual interview is an opportunity for you to share your understanding of the job, the ideas and values you bring to the position, your motivations for applying, your talents and areas for growth, and other aspects of your candidacy. The interview will be conducted by a team composed of one current student staff member and a full-time professional from Residential Education. The interview is intended to be a time of dialogue between you and the interview team and is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the job and the department. Each interview will last about 30 minutes.

After the application deadline, applicants will hear from the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee regarding scheduling an interview. All interviews will be conducted during the weeks of February 19-23 and February 26- March 1. If you are unable to sign up for a time, or if you do not hear from us about scheduling an interview after submitting your application, please contact UGA Recruitment and Selection.

Interview Tips

Do research

  • Come to your interview with a basic understanding of the job and the Office of Residential Life. It would be best to spend some time talking with a UGA from your cluster or building, or one with whom you have a good relationship.
  • The UGA information session you attend will also be very helpful for obtaining a better understanding of the UGA position.
  • You can also make an appointment to speak with your Assistant Director.
  • Speak to someone whom you are confident will tell it "like it is."
  • Read through all of the materials provided here.

Anticipate questions

The primary purpose of an interview is for those interviewing to ask the candidate questions in order to get to know her or him. In advance of the interview, think of what types of questions you might be asked and consider how you will respond. You may want to ask friends who have already gone through the process or contact a staff member to ask about "typical" questions.

Consider your philosophy and values, and your strengths and weaknesses

Think about the underlying values and philosophies you have that will guide the work you will do as a UGA. Speak from the heart and let these philosophies and values guide your responses to the questions you are asked. Consider what personal strengths you bring to the position for which you are applying.

How will you market or highlight these talents and strengths? What are the weaknesses of your candidacy? How will you address concerns that are raised during the interview?

Think of questions to ask

Asking questions suggests that you have thought about and are interested in the position. If you conducted advance research, you will likely have something to ask about or something you will need clarified.

When you are asked if you have questions, you are being prompted to begin your "interview" of the Office of Residential Life. You should not leave the interview with unanswered questions or uncertainty regarding the philosophy of the Office of Residential Life.