Interim Housing

Interim housing is intended for students who have on-campus housing for two consecutive terms and need to remain on campus during the break between those terms. It is also used by students whose travel arrangements cause the need to arrive a day before we open for a given term, or leave a day or two after we close at the end of a term.


Interim housing is not guaranteed. Students returning from a withdrawal or suspension are not eligible for interim housing unless express permission is given to the Undergraduate Housing Office by the student’s dean.

Interim approval is granted to the student who applies, not to the room. In a multiple-occupancy room, all residents who may need interim must apply and be individually approved. Guests are not permitted during the interim.

If you want housing during the interim period, you must apply for interim housing. The only exceptions to this rule are varsity athletes requiring interim housing to participate in college-approved practice. These students must coordinate interim housing through their coach/the Department of Athletics. 

Application Deadlines

Applications are processed on a rolling basis starting two weeks after the application opens. Applications submitted within 2 business days of your requested departure or arrival are subject to a $50 late application fee. All deadline dates are indicated on the interim application.

Eligibility & Assignments

Priority is given to students who are living on campus for the two terms that bracket the interim period. Late departure and early arrival requests of one or two days will be considered, although depending on room availability and the amount of time between terms, we may not be able to approve all the dates you request.

In addition to living on campus for at least one of the two terms, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Involvement in a college-related activity (academic research, athletic team or college employment). Documentation from your professor/employer/coach is required.
  • Travel constraints: it is generally possible to grant approval to arrive one or two days prior to the opening of a term due to travel constraints. Approval beyond that point is usually not possible and requires additional information from the student and coordination with other offices to determine if the request is possible.
  • International student. When completing your application, please fully document the dates you need housing and the reasons why you must be on campus.

Students are notified of their status via email beginning two weeks after the deadline. Students are generally housed in their regularly assigned room for the approved interim period. This is not possible during the spring/summer interim when the majority of interim residents are relocated to a designated cluster for the days they are approved in order to accommodate Commencement and Reunion guests.

Students approved for interim housing will have ID access to the residence hall, apartment, or LLC where they are assigned and universal access to other residence halls.

Contact Residential Life at (603) 646-3093 or stop by the Undergraduate Housing Office.