You are responsible for knowing training requirements and dates before applying. If you are selected to be a UGA, you are expected to plan your travels around these dates.

Training Requirements

All fall-term UGAs are required to attend all of fall training, attend the training retreat, participate in First-Year Orientation, and help with first-year and upper-class opening. If you anticipate having a conflict with fall training (e.g., you are a fall-sport athlete or trip leader), contact the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee before applying for a position.

First-year DOC trip leaders should request to lead a trip in the first trips section.

New winter and spring term UGAs who do not attend fall training will attend a modified training at the start of the term and work closely with their Assistant Director to train on the job.

The Importance of Training

What will happen during training?

  • You will learn to do your job.
  • You will have an opportunity to practice and prepare for dealing with some of the more difficult aspects of the UGA position.
  • Your cluster/House staff will develop as a team and get to know each other well.
  • Your cluster/House staff will develop group norms and expectations and plan for the term.
  • You will prepare your floor and cluster/House for resident arrival.
  • You will help with first-year orientation (even if you do not have first-year students).
  • Some of your residents will already be living on your floor — you will be their UGA!

A note about continuing education and training for UGAs: All UGAs are expected to continue to develop their leadership knowledge, awareness and skills through continuing education. Details about how to complete these requirements will be shared at the start of each term.

Training Dates

Dates are subject to change.

If you are hired, please be sure to confirm the final dates before making any travel arrangements.

  • Summer 2017 Training: June 20th -21st (UGAs must arrive by 12 noon on June 20th)
  • Fall 2017 Training: August 30th - September 4th (New UGAs must arrive by Aug 30th by 5pm and Returners must arrive by Aug 31st by 3pm.)
  • First Year Move-In & Orientation: September 5th -10th (UGAs have responsibilities throughout this period and should avoid scheduling other commitments.)
  • Winter 2018 Training: January 2nd (New UGAs must arrive by noon on the 2nd and Returners must arrive by 5pm on the 2nd)
  • Spring 2018 Training: March 24th -25th (All UGAs must arrive by noon on the 24th.)

Conflict with Training Dates

Any conflicts should be sent to the UGA Training Committee before you submit your UGA Application. The UGA Training Committee will contact and advise you further. If you will be a DOC trip leader, you should request to lead the first trip section so that you are back in time for the start of UGA training.

Fall Training

There is an extremely short turnaround time between summer and fall term, which means signing the UGA contract may mean you will not be able to plan for a break between summer and fall terms. Here is some guiding advice for those in different situations.

  • For those taking classes in the summer: Please note that you will likely not have any break between the Summer term and the Fall term. We recommend you work with your professors to take exams early if possible if you require time between the two terms.
  • For those interested in leading first-year trips: Very few trips return before training begins. If you are unable to secure a trip that ends before fall training begins, please choose the leadership opportunity that is best for you and decline the other.
  • For those with internships that end after the start of training: In order to request late arrival for training due to an internship conflict, you must show evidence (in writing) of negotiating a departure time with your employer to make training on time. Only in cases where UGAs can show that their employers are unwilling to compromise on date departures (in writing) will the training committee consider approving a late arrival.