Alcohol and Other Drugs

As a student staff applicant and potential College employee, you must understand the expectations and limitations that the use of alcohol and other drugs will place on you if appointed to a staff position. 

The UGA's Role

The Office of Residential Life staff members must be able to function as appropriate and credible role models at all times. It is thus imperative that all staff members act in a way that is consistent with College standards. Being a student leader in a cluster/House inevitably places additional expectations on your behavior and activities and has an effect on more people than just yourself.

The following are some specific expectations that we have of student staff members:

  • UGAs are expected to comply with all College alcohol and other drug-related policies.
  • UGAs cannot purchase or provide alcohol to anyone, except within the alcohol service guidelines and policies established by the College.
  • You are expected to behave in a mature and responsible manner as it relates to alcohol consumption. Staff members should not place themselves in a position where they need to be cared for by their residents or fellow staff members due to irresponsible alcohol consumption.
  • UGAs should not organize or participate in cluster/House programs that involve the use of alcohol.
  • As always, UGAs are expected to confront illegal and inappropriate activities that occur in their buildings.
  • UGAs are expected to take charge of incidents that may be disruptive, or that appear to be getting out of hand and where potential danger or damage may occur.

Please weigh your own personal beliefs and values carefully against the expectations outlined above before you enter the staff application process. If offered a position, you will be asked to sign a contract that acknowledges your understanding of and agreement to comply with this policy and other College standards. Violation of this policy or engaging in behavior that compromises your ability to serve effectively as a staff member will be grounds for employment discipline, possibly including employment termination.