Our Philosophy

While we strive to promote growth in our residential communities, it must be with a clear set of values and principles.

A Holistic Approach

  • The residential community is a place for students to "practice" leadership.
  • We work to provide our students with opportunities to develop the skills necessary to navigate successfully within our ever-changing world. Students should engage in activities that foster the ability to maneuver within systems and realties that are different from their own.
  • A culture of accountability that fosters students' ability to clearly articulate their concerns and to then join together to work for solutions is essential. We should teach them to think critically by fostering an environment of inquiry and dialogue.
  • And finally, all actions should be paired with the opportunity for integration of understanding and reflection.

This holistic approach, influenced by residents, students and professional staff, by faculty and administrators, Deans and coaches will have a transformational impact on each student and collectively upon life at Dartmouth.