About Fall Housing

Fall Housing Requirements

All students participating in Fall Room Draw must register by the registration deadline for the process they are participating in for fall term.

All students who register must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled for fall term.
  • Not already housed for the fall.

If you are registered but don't meet the criteria, you will be notified that you are not eligible.

The Fall housing processes use the DartHub, Housing StarPortal. Registration and selection are all part of the same application, but sections become available based on date. 

Living Learning Communities

Please see the Living Learning website for details about each community and its residency expectations. 

LLC room assignments for fall term will be made by hand, rather than through online selection. Assignments will be made taking into consideration your LLC preference order, advisor feedback on applications, space available in each community, as well as your roommate group (if you are part of one) and housing priority number.

If accepted to an LLC, you are committed to live in that LLC and are not eligible for other fall housing options.

Senior Apartments

We have an increase in the locations and types of apartments available next year! The cost of living in an on-campus apartment is the same as living in other on-campus residences. Students in roommate groups for the apartments can belong to different House Communities.

  • Maxwell & Channing Cox - 4-person apartments (all private bedrooms) with 1 bathroom
  • Ledyard Apartments - 4-person apartments (1 double & 2 singles) with 1 bathroom, one 3-person apartment (double & single) with 1 bathroom
  • North Park Apartments (7 & 9 Ivy Lane, 10, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 North Park Street) - a few single apartments (studio style) with 1 bathroom, 4-person apartments (all private bedrooms) with 2 bathrooms
  • Summit on Juniper - single apartments (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom), one 3-person apartment (3 private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms), 2-person apartment (2 private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms), 4-person apartment (4 private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Students who enter the Apartment Draw but are not able to secure an apartment will receive a time slot to try and select a room in their House Community Room Draw.

Housing Accommodations/Adjustments

If you have medical and/or disability related need that you believe may impact what room type you need, be sure you have submitted your Fall housing registration by April 11, 2022.  If you have not applied before, or if your documentation has expired, be sure your medical care provider submits the Application for Housing Accommodations/Adjustments form to the Housing Office by April 11, 2022  For a link to the form and more information visit: http://students.dartmouth.edu/residential-life/sites/students_residential_life.prod/files/office_residential_life/wysiwyg/accommodationneeds.pdf. Students approved for a Housing Accommodation/Adjustment are assigned appropriate housing by the Housing Office and will be notified of their assignment by April 22, 2022.

Greek Housing

Students must work with their Greek house to confirm their space on the house roster. The final roster is due into the Housing Office on April 14, 2022. Students on the roster must sign their contract riders on DartHub, Housing StarPortal by April 21, 2022. Each Greek house must be at their required minimum occupancy by then. If they are not, all members of that organization will be prevented from participating in other fall housing processes until the minimum occupancy has been met.

House Communities

Students who want to live in their House communities will indicate this preference on their housing application. For details on room types and designations please visit your House community page.

How Room Draw Works

Things to Remember!

  • You must have enough people in your roommate group to fill all the beds in the room. For example, to select a double you must have two people in your roommate group, to select a single you cannot be in a roommate group with one or more people.
  • Everyone in a roommate group must have a complete housing application and not already be assigned through an earlier process.
  • If you are going through your House Room Draw, all members of a roommate group must belong to your House Community.

Time-slots: Your time-slot is the date and time you will be able to access the room selection pages in the Housing Portal. Senior Apartment time-slots will be sent on Friday, April 8th. House Community time-slots will be sent on Friday, April 22nd. Everyone gets a time-slot, even if you are part of a roommate group. This way if roommate groups change, everyone still has a time they can access the portal to select a room.

Cancellation Policy: Your assignment is binding – if you select a room, you cannot cancel your housing and try for a different room. 

Housing Waitlist:  What happens if I don't get a room?  Don't panic!  If you are a member of the class of 2025 and apply to the Fall Waitlist by June 10th and remain an "R" for the fall (registered for classes here in Hanover) you are guaranteed housing. Rising Juniors and Seniors will be placed after rising sophomores and are not guaranteed housing. The Waitlist will be available on DartHub, Housing StarPortal on April 29th and is due June 10th.  

Residential Policies

College residence policies and terms become legally binding when either you receive your room assignment notification or you are notified verbally of your assignment by a Residential Life official, unless you cancel the assignment in writing.