Mission & Values

The Office of Residential Life offers undergraduate student housing and promotes personal growth, social responsibility and intellectual development through community-based interactions.

Inclusive Residential Communities

The work of the Office of Residential Life is guided by these organizational values. We affirm these values as characteristic of the inclusive, residential communities we strive to build on campus.


We value service that is of high quality, prompt and responsive.

Safety and Security

We value healthy levels of cleanliness, predictable building security and a culture of sound decision making.


We value communication that is meaningful, timely, clear and consistent.


We value partnerships with others and the positive outcomes that result.


We value individuals and groups who hold themselves and others accountable for the choices they make.


We value equitable and consistent actions that honor individual circumstances and recognize that all outcomes may not be identical.


We value awareness of ourselves and those around us, and engagement in the complexities of a multicultural environment.


We value educational experiences that promote learning as an on-going process that occurs in a variety of settings. We strive to act with integrity in all our endeavors and encourage others to do the same.