About References

You will need to have one completed reference submitted for you by your current UGA. If you do not currently have a UGA, you should ask your most recent UGA to provide your reference. If your former UGAs are no longer available, you can ask any current or former UGA to provide a reference for you. 

If you encounter difficulty securing a reference from your current UGA, please contact the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee as soon as possible.

Candidates may choose to have one additional reference submitted on their behalf. This option is intended primarily for candidates who are concerned that their UGA may not know them well enough to provide a thorough and accurate reference. The additional reference can be provided by a peer, employer, professor, coach, dean—anyone who can speak to your qualifications for this position.

Requesting a Reference

We encourage you to follow these tips when you request a reference from someone. Note that many of these tips are useful anytime you need to ask someone for a reference.

  • If you do not know your UGA well, this is a good opportunity to begin getting to know them.
  • You should carefully consider whom you ask to complete a reference for you. Your reference should know you well enough to be able to provide the information requested and in sufficient detail as to be useful in the selection process.
  • Plan ahead. Be sure to give your references plenty of time to complete the reference form. Last-minute requests are bad form and may lead your reference to reject your request or miss the deadline.
  • Provide your reference with information about the job—such as a job description—so they can provide information about you that is most relevant to the job.
  • Follow-up with your reference periodically to make sure they are completing the reference form—but don't be overbearing.
  • If you are concerned that one of your references will not submit the form by the deadline, you can always ask someone to provide another reference as a back-up.
  • Be sure to thank your reference afterwards, and let them know whether or not you got the position.