Compensation & Financial Aid


In exchange for services, the Undergraduate Advisor will receive:

  • A pre-assigned single room (room rent is NOT included in remuneration)
  • Stipend
    • New UGAs: $2,000 for the term (in three equal payments over the course of the term)
    • Returning UGAs: $2,100 for the term (in three equal payments over the course of the term)
  • A credit to the UGA's student bill; this amount is equivalent to the cost of the 80 Block Choice meal plan.
  • Please note that the stipend is issued via paycheck through Dartmouth's Payroll Office and UGAs should complete IRS form W-4 so that Dartmouth will withhold taxes from each paycheck as appropriate for their situation.

Financial Aid

If you are a financial aid recipient, the Undergraduate Advisor compensation is counted as part of the “self-help” (job and/or loan) in your financial aid package. If the benefits are received after the Financial Aid Office has given an initial financial aid decision, the inclusion of the program benefits as a resource will result in reduction in the amount of loan and/or Work-Study already awarded.

The compensation you receive as a student staff member will not normally affect your scholarship award.

If you have specific questions about how the remuneration from one of these positions may affect your financial aid levels, please contact your Financial Aid Officer before you submit your application.