Housing Accommodations and Adjustments for Disability-related or Medical Needs


Dartmouth College is committed to ensuring a living and learning experience that meets the needs of all students. A variety of disabilities or medical conditions may necessitate an accommodation or adjustment to provide a student with an accessible living environment in Dartmouth housing. 

Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 may include physically accessible rooms and/or private rooms or bathrooms for students with mobility or certain chronic medical conditions (e.g., autoimmune disorders, cancer, etc.), or visual or tactile fire alarms or other safety devices for students who are Deaf or have a hearing loss. 

In addition, adjustments can often be made for students with temporary injuries or chronic respiratory or other medical conditions that do not rise to the level of disability. For example, a student recovering from knee surgery may be relocated to a ground floor, or a student with asthma or severe allergies may require a carpet-free room. Assistance for these conditions may be offered, as space permits.

To apply for a housing accommodation or adjustment, a student must state their need on the relevant housing application on DartHub, Housing StarPortal and apply through Student Accessibility Services. Please feel free to contact us at residential.life@dartmouth.edu or Student.Accessibility.Services@dartmouth.edu with any questions about the application process, documentation requirements, or housing accommodations or adjustments available through Dartmouth Residential Life.

Application for Housing Accommodations or Adjustments

Students Seeking Renewal for Summer and/or Fall 2024

Students currently approved for an accommodation or adjustment and seeking renewal for summer and/or fall 2023 should have their health care professional/provider fill out the Application for Housing Accommodations or Adjustments form. Fall applications are due April 5th and summer are due April 27th. 

Your completed form should be uploaded to your housing application on DartHub, Housing StarPortal or submitted via one of the options below. 

Fax: 603-646-3093 

Mail: Undergraduate Housing Office, Robinson Hall, 6 North Main Street, 3rd Floor, Hanover, NH 03755

Email: residential.life@dartmouth.edu

Student Submitting New Requests (including class of 2027)

Management of housing accommodation/adjustment is moving to a joint process through the Housing Office and Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Requests for new accommodations (or renewals starting winter term 2024) will go through the new process by applying through SAS. (If you are already registered with SAS, please ask your provider to complete the SAS disability verification form regarding your housing needs.) If approved for a housing accommodation through the SAS office, Undergraduate Housing will work with you on your housing based on their recommendation, your housing preferences, and available space.