Program Ideas

The Faculty Engagement Initiative provides funding for programs that bring together students and members of the faculty in a residential setting.  

Bringing Students and Faculty Together

While the majority of funding provided will go towards programs that occur in the residence halls, a small percentage may be allocated to programs that occur outside of the residence halls and/or off-campus. These requests are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Remember to get creative when developing program ideas for faculty engagement programs. Think outside the box!

Here are some examples of programs that have been funded in the past:

  • Cluster BBQ with favorite professors
  • Game night with professor
  • Faculty appreciation dinner
  • “Blink” book discussion club
  • Hop performances (students attending with professors)
  • New release movie viewing and discussion
  • International Health Night
  • Faculty cooking classes
  • Iron Chef Dartmouth
  • FY family weekend dinner with professors and parents
  • Cultural dinner nights
  • Major declaration events
  • Pre-med major discussion
  • Spice cooking night