Starting a New Student Organization

Process for Starting a New Organization

  1. Develop your initial idea for your club. Think about what is feasible and determine interest on campus. Hold recruitment and organizational development meetings. This might also include holding elections, organizing a retreat, and developing your organization's mission. 
  2. On the COSO website under recogintion, read Prerequisites and Procedures for Recognition, Withdrawal of Recognition. 
  3. Find a current faculty or staff member willing to advise your student organization. The role of an advisor is to provide stability, continuity, and guidance and to assist in fostering the prudent management of organizational funds. The advisor must sign the Petition for Recognition.
  4. Develop and write student organization governing documents. This would include a Constitution and a Statement of Purpose.
  5. Complete the Petition for Recognition. Signatures of 10 students are required for the form. Please note: in spring term, the founders and members of the organization cannot be graduating seniors. 
  6. Meet with the COSO Advisor and Director of Student Involvement, Anna Hall, to discuss your organization and review all documents.
  7. Submit all forms (Petition for Recognition, Constitution, Bylaws, and Statement of Purpose) to COSO via OrgSync. For specific directions for this part of the process, please see the section on creating an organization in Getting Started in OrgSync. Forms will be reviewed by COSO and your organization will be invited to attend a COSO meeting.
  8. Present the proposed organization at a Recognition Hearing at the COSO weekly Wednesday meeting. COSO only meets while classes are in session. (please note, no recognition hearings are held during summer term) The advisor and seven members of your organization are expected to attend. At this meeting, you will explain the mission of your organization and answer any questions COSO may have.
  9. After the meeting, you will be notified of COSO’s decision about recognition. If recognized, you will receive a new organization email from the Student Involvement Office. This includes a welcome letter, information about creating a blitz/dnd account, link to treasurer forms and financial procedures guide, and information about your account number and startup funds.
  10. As a recognized COSO organization, you are now eligible to apply for funding, start planning events, and become active on campus!

Applying in OrgSync

  1. Go to and log in using your Dartmouth ID and password.
  2. At the top, click “Browse Organizations”
  3. Click “Register a New Organization”
  4. Choose “Council on Student Organizations” when asked, “Where do you want to create this organization?”
  5. Complete Basic Organization Information
  6. Click “No” to the question: “Are you a recognized COSO group?”
  7. Complete the “Applying to COSO for Recognition” form. Upload your constitution, the “Petition for Recognition” form and any additional information.
  8. If approved for recognition by COSO, you will be given access to an organization portal in OrgSync.