Writing a Constitution

A constitution is the founding document of your organization and provides a basic governing structure. It outlines your mission, goals, officer responsibilities, meeting rules, and membership requirements. A constitution is also important to provide consistent leadership, as it will be passed on to future officers.

Tips for Writing Your Constitution

  • Bring all stakeholders together, including your advisor and founding members, to write the constitution.
  • Start by writing your mission, which is a statement that explains your group's purpose.
  • Write your constitution in a broad manner, so that future leaders can use it.
  • Write your constitution with the future in mind. Do not use proper names, dates, locations, and exact meeting times.
  • Keep your constitution in an editable digital format (Microsoft Word document), a permanent digital format (pdf) for web use, and a hard copy in print.
  • Make sure you have uploaded your constitution to OrgSync so that all members can access it.