There are a variety of ways in which your organization can advertise its events to campus.

Ways to Advertise Your Event

  • Flyers/Posters
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Banners: Paint can be checked out from the Collis info desk and banner paper is located in Collis.
  • Use Dartmouth Groups to create an event
  • Utilize the Campus-Events Listserv: Send an email message to the campus to advertise your event. Listserv Guidelines:
    • Any college-recognized organization or college department may use the listserv to advertise the following:
      • Opportunities to join or apply for membership
      • Meetings, events, or programs open to all students
    • The following messages are not permitted on the Campus-Events Listserv:

      • Personal messages
      • Postings about lost items
      • Issue statements
      • Solidarity messages
      • Petitions
      • Student surveys
    • Only recognized organizational email accounts may send messages to the Campus- Events Listserv. Events sponsored by a College-recognized organization must use the account of the sponsoring organization (not personal accounts).
    • Messages sent using personal Dartmouth email accounts will automatically be deined.
    • The Listserv operates starting the 1st day of the term until the last day of classes. 
    • Emails will not be approved during the reading period, finals, and interim.
    • Emails will be sent within a few hours of your submission, so please be patient and plan when your group (must be an organization's sends emails out to campus accordingly. Don't wait until the last minute. 
    • Any email that does not fall directly under the criteria below will be evaluated case-by-case.
    • Groups are welcome to distribute one message per daytwo messages per seven-day period
    • Please send your message to  exactly as you would like it distributed (including the subject line; no edits can be made to it by the manager).
    • If multiple organizations plan to advertise about the same event, only 3 blitzes will be allowed per week between all organizations involved, so plan accordingly.