Your Catering Options

Approved Caterer

If you are ordering food from an outside provider for an event, there is a list of approved caterers maintained by Procurement Services. Catering is defined as any delivery and/or serving of food (i.e. ordering pizza for a meeting would be considered catering). These are the only food establishments from which you may order prepared food.

National Chain

Some national chain restaurants (Pizza Hut, Panera Bread, etc..) are on the approved vendors list; while others may not be, you may order from these establishments for your events.

Specific Vendor

If your event is one of a unique nature that requires food from a specific business (i.e. specialty food not available from the approved caterers list), contact the Collis Center Treasurer's Center Corner.

Preparing Food

If you wish to have an event in Collis where you will be preparing food, you will need to fill out a Food Preparation Form. Please contact the Collis Coordinator for more information.