Outside Speaker Event Expectations

Outside Speaker Event Expectations

Events covered by these expectations are intended for the benefit of the Dartmouth community. It is in the interest of the Dartmouth community that events be convened and conducted in an orderly manner, subject to consistent and transparent expectations. In furtherance of that goal, the following sets forth the expectations for events organized or sponsored by students and student organizations hosted on campus or in other Dartmouth-administered facilities. Questions should be directed to coso@dartmouth.edu or student.life@dartmouth.edu.

  • The student organization is the sole host of record for the College. The College and its personnel will not interact with third parties or outside organizations in the management or execution of the event. 

  • The student organization is responsible for the management and execution of the event. 

    • This includes, but is not limited to: 

      • Staffing

      • Crowd management

      • Event and security costs

      • Moderating

      • Media relations

      • Liaising with College officials

      • Managing room capacities and entry to the event

  • The student organization and student leaders are responsible for compliance with Dartmouth policies. This includes, without limitation, the Freedom of Expression and Dissent policy and all health and safety policies and guidelines in effect at the time of the event. 

  • Student organization leaders/planners must follow the directives of Dartmouth officials and all relevant Dartmouth policy in the execution of the event. 

  • Student organization leaders/planners must respond promptly to Dartmouth officials in response to questions about events. 

  • Advertising/publicity is the express responsibility of the Dartmouth student organization. 

  • Dartmouth shall have the absolute right to control the sound levels, operate the sound equipment, and design the sound set-up for the event.

  • All security will be provided by Dartmouth. Dartmouth shall have sole responsibility for, and control of, security while the speaker is on College premises. No private security retained by the speaker shall be allowed to interfere with Dartmouth's performance of safety and security; or carry weapons of any type while on Dartmouth premises. Any private security retained by the speaker shall be subject to search at any time while on Dartmouth's premises. If the speaker is bringing private security, notice must be given to Safety and Security at least one week prior to the event.

  • A signed speaker agreement must be executed at least three business days prior to the event. 

  • Technical needs must be shared with Conferences & Events at least one week prior to the event. 

  • Organization leaders and members staffing the event may be asked to attend a pre-event briefing/planning meeting with Student Involvement, Conferences & Events, and DOSS. 

  • No political campaign activity may occur. Rules pertaining to appearances by political candidates sponsored by a recognized organization must be followed. Please visit https://student-affairs.dartmouth.edu/policy/sponsorship-events-departments-and-recognized-organizations for more information.

Failure to comply with the expectations above will risk the organization's ability to host similar future events in addition to any consequences that may apply under applicable Dartmouth policy.