Go Green Initiative

COSO encourages online printing of publications. Through the "Go Green Iniative," COSO will cover costs for domain hosting, web design, and provide a $100 incentive per term if no paper copies are printed.

Submitting a Publication Proposal

  • Log in to your organization's portal in Dartmouth Groups. 
  • Click either budget on the main manage page of your group or under the left navigation menu, select money. 
  • Click "COSO Funding Request" under budgets at the top of the page. 
  • Click the +Create Budget Request button at the top of right (gray shaded button)
  • Be sure to select "Publication form" for type of request. 
  • Upload a quote from your preferred printer which MUST include quotes for the following numbers: 250, 500, & 750. You may include other numbers based on your printing needs. Proposals without quotes will not be considered. You do not need to provide multiple quotes from different vendors. Your "preferred vendor" is the vendor that you will be publishing with this year and must be on the Dartmouth approved vendor list (select "print services" from the dropdown menu).
  • If you are requesting funds for web hosting, please include the hosting site fee. 
  • Proposals are due Mondays at noon for consideration at the next Wednesday COSO meeting.

Using a Purchasing Card for Payment

Purchase cards may be used to pay for printing if the amount is under $2,499 and a Dartmouth Preferred Vendor is used. 

  • First, get a final quote from your vendor. 
  • Request a credit card using the Purchase Card Request Form.
  • Before receiving permission to use the card, the financial assistants in 301 will verify that you have the funds in your account. 
  • Do not have the vendor start printing until after funding has been verified and the purchase card has been issued. 
  • For additional payment instrutions, please visit:

Purchasing Card Policy

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

All Groups, All Students

This policy outlines the rules when using a Dartmouth purchasing card to buy supplies for an event.