Overview & Checklist


Welcome to COSO! Please read through this website carefully to make sure you are following the proper steps for applying to COSO for recognition. Starting a new organization is both exciting and challenging.  If you have questions about the process, please email COSO@Dartmouth.edu for more information. 



Recognition Checklist

  • We have read and reviewed the COSO website section about Recognition. 
  • We have read and reviewed the "Privileges and Prerequisites of Recognition" 
  • We have held recruitment and organizational development meetings. 
  • We have found a Dartmouth faculty/staff advisor. They have signed the "Petition for Recognition" form. 
  • We have a written constitution for our organization. A sample/model constitution is available on the COSO website. 
  • We have written a "statement of purpose/mission" for our organization. 
  • We have completed the "Petition for Recognition" form. 
  • We have met with the COSO advisor for a preliminary meeting. 
  • We have created a profile and submitted all forms to COSO via Engage.