Email / DUO

Email / DUO

All COSO recognized organizations have access to a Dartmouth email account and calendar. 

Within two weeks of a new organization's recognition, your listed officers in Dartmouth Groups will receive the login information. 

To log into this account for the first time, you need to set up DUO Two-Factor Authentication, or fill out this form using your group's login information--this form will get IT to automatically add the requested device to your group's DUO account.   You should also use this form if you are an existing group having issues logging into your account.

In order for our offices or IT to work with any student on an email account, they must be listed in your organization's Dartmouth Group's page as an officer.

DUO Push Two-Factor Authentication

To log into your group's email account, you will need to have Duo Push set up.  Duo Push is an authentication request you'll receive as a notification on your smartphone. 

During business hours, you can stop by Collis 303 for assistance, or call 603-646-3399.

Your group can also fill out this form using your group's login information to get a device added to DUO.

Once one member of your group is added to DUO, they can then add/remove any other authentication devices to your account.