T-Shirts & Merchandise


If you are planning to sell something that will display the word Dartmouth, D, or any trademarked images, your design must be approved by the Office of General Counsel prior to marketing your merchandise, collecting any DA$H or selling and printing the merchandise. You must use an "Approved Vendor" when printing/selling any student organization merchandise with Dartmouth trademarks or name. Before submitting any orders, email COSO@Dartmouth.edu with your design. 

T-Shirt Sales

Dartmouth follows fair labor practices for its vendors. To order t-shirts for an event or as a fundraiser, the company you order from must be an approved vendor. If you are unsure if a vendor is on the approved list, check with the Office of General Counsel for the most current list. 

To use the Dartmouth name or its logos on a t-shirt, you must obtain permission from the College's General Counsel.