Annual Renewal

Each year, organizations are required to renew their status with COSO. This will enable your group to continue to have an email account, make reservations in campus buildings, use the Dartmouth name, and access COSO funding. 

About the Annual Renewal

Each fall, COSO organizations must complete the annual renewal. Completing the renewal allows organizations to: 

  • maintain "active" status with COSO for the year
  • apply for COSO funding
  • make reservations
  • access an organization blitz account
  • use the Dartmouth name

If you do not renew by the annual deadline, your account will be suspended. 

Requirements for COSO Groups

Organizations must:

  1. Have at least 10 undergraduate students.
  2. Have officers -- COSO organizations are expected to have at LEAST a President and Treasurer (or your group's equivalent of these positions) listed on their Organization's Page.
  3. Have officers who are undergraduate students.
  4. Have a staff or faculty advisor.
  5. Have a constitution on file and uploaded to Dartmouth Groups. 
  6. Have an email account.
  7. Have a Dartmouth Groups page.
  8. Be in good Standing with COSO. Organizations with a deficit in their account will not be renewed until resolved. 

Expectations of COSO Groups

  • Maintain a Dartmouth email account for your organization that is checked frequently.
  • Abide by Dartmouth's Principle of Community.
  • Respond promptly to requests for organization information such as budgets, officer names, or other relevant information.
  • Use funding responsibly and for what it was intended.
  • Review and adhere to all institutional policies, including, but not limited to, the Standards of Conduct, the Group Accountability Statement, the Student Organization Membership Policy, and the Freedom of Expression and Dissent Policy
  • Provide information and communicate with relevant offices about upcoming campus events as requested or needed. 

Instructions for Completing the Renewal

Please look for an email from COSO with instructions. If you have any questions, please email