Privileges and Responsibilities

Privileges of Recognition

COSO organizations have:

  • The right to use the name of Dartmouth College in the activities and publications of the organization and to be the recognized representative of the College at all functions in which the organization participates.
  • The right to utilize the facilities, property, and services of Dartmouth College. 
  • The right to use the facilities of COSO, including the provision of office space, when available; the preparation (and distribution) of communications of the organization at minimal cost; the provision of accounting services including monthly reports of income and expenditures; and administrative support from the Collis Center for Student Involvement.
  • The right to request financial assistance from COSO to further the activities of the organization. Recognition does not guarantee financial support. Each request will be judged on its merit and will be evaluated in terms of criteria such as the organization's ability to supplement classroom education and extra-curricular activities, the nature of the proposed activity, the financial support (if any) received from the membership, attendance at previously held activities, the extent to which the College community may participate in some of its programs, and the amount of COSO funds available for distribution at any given time.

Responsibilities of Recognition

COSO organizations have:

  • The responsibility to respond promptly to COSO requests for budgets or other information concerning the status of the organization, and the responsibility to inform COSO of changes in the officers or advisors, or any other development that might affect the status of the group as a recognized student organization.
  • The responsibility to comply with the requirements of the organization's constitution and by-laws, all applicable rules and policies of Dartmouth College, and all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • The responsibility to use College funds and facilities responsibly and in the manner for which their use is authorized.
  • The responsibility to comply with College policies on fundraising, accounting, and solicitations for funds.
  • The responsibility to conduct group activities in a manner consistent with Dartmouth's mission and Principle of Community.
  • The responsibility to use funding responsibly and for the purpose for which it was intended.