Service Group Recognition Process


For groups seeking recognition by the College as a service-oriented group, a dual recognition process with the Center for Social Impact and COSO is required. This recognition process applies to organizations that partner with an outside agency to provide direct service. 

Process & Requirements

Part I: Center for Social Impact

1. Initial meeting with the Center for Social Impact to determine viability. Please contact: the Center for Social Impact

2. Identify outside agency for potential partnership. The outside agency is responsible for volunteer training, volunteer screening and background checks, risk management, insurance and organization of service activities. All groups seeking COSO recognition as a service group must partner with an outside agency. 

3. Agreement between outside agency and Dartmouth/Center for Social Impact (Agreement may not be negotiated or signed by the student organization. The agreement is only valid if recognition approved by COSO) 

4. Endorsement from the Center for Social Impact. 



5. Organization reviews COSO recognition section of the website. 

6. Organization completes all steps as part of COSO recognition. This includes

  • Writing a constitution
  • Application completed via Dartmouth Groups
  • Faculty/Staff Advisor

7. Meeting with COSO Advisor. To set up a meeting, please visit this page. Please note, the agreement and endorsement from the CSI must be complete prior to scheduling this meeting. 

8. Submit all forms/application via Dartmouth Groups. (Endorsement from CSI and executed agreement must be uploaded) 

9. COSO Board Recognition Meeting