Finding a Venue

Event space at Dartmouth is in high demand. Please book as far in advance as possible. 

While planning an event, be sure to also review the Student Events/Activities Policy.

How to Book Space

All COSO events must be registered via Dartmouth groups at least two days prior to the event date and most spaces can be requested via the event registration process. If you do not see the space listed, register the event and request the space directly through EMS. If you have questions, contact:

Athletic Facilities

Spaces include West Gym, Leede Arena, Pool View Rooms, Leverone Field House, Thompson Arena, Rooms in Manley.

DOC House

Roth Center

  • Contact the Roth Center at (603) 646-0410

Moosilauke and Cabins

Residence Hall Spaces

Spaces in residential buildings can be reserved through Virtual EMS, but you should send a follow-up blitz to the Community Director of the cluster. For any room set up or technical requirements, the Associate Director of Residential Operations would be your contact person for whatever you might need.


Classrooms can be scheduled by using the "Room Scheduling Links" option on BannerStudent. When the scheduling window opens, click on "CONF (Conferences and Events Office) Virtual EMS." Along the right-hand side of the screen, you can see all of the different categories of classroom sizes that can be reserved. Click on the size you are looking for, and then you can pick the specific classroom that you would like to reserve. Conferences and Events staff do not work on weekends. A minimum of 24 weekday hours is required to process a basic classroom scheduling. A minimum of fourteen (14) days are required for any room booking with AV, table rentals, or any additional support.

Rollins Chapel

Hopkins Center

Various spaces in the Hop are controlled by different departments within the College, although some spaces can be reserved through Virtual EMS. There are specific requirements for your event that must be provided depending on which space you are reserving. All Hop spaces require the use of the Hop's union labor force, so there are often costs associated with putting on events in these spaces.

Rehearsal Spaces

Theater Spaces (Moore Theater, Bentley Theater)

Spaulding Auditorium


There are potentially added costs when booking a space. The rates for Collis are less than other spaces on campus. Renting items like tables and chairs, delivery/pick-up, cleaning, AV equipment, and CTS staff set up are some examples of additional expenses you need to plan for. When you are booking a space, try and confirm any costs associated with your event.