Corporate Sponsorship Policy

Corporate Sponsorship Policy for Student Organizations

Student organizations who wish to receive financial or in-kind support or sponsorship from an outside company or corporation must follow these guidelines:

  • Prior approval is required before engaging with outside company/corporation/entity. If your organization wishes to seek or accept corporate sponsorship, submit this form to start the approval process.  Organizations will be asked to provide information about the amount they hope to raise, names of corporations and contacts therein, and nature of the event/activity.
  • Sponsorship must be in line with the mission of your organization, educational in nature, and event-specific. Requests for general organization sponsorship will not be considered.
  • No alumni, foundations, or nonprofits may be solicited for sponsorships. 
  • Student organizations may not share resume books or email lists with outside companies or other external groups. 
  • Student organizations may not sign any contracts or agreements with outside sponsors.
  • Student organizations may not include corporate logos in publicity, web advertising or emails, or any printed materials. 
  • Students cannot sell corporate speaking opportunities at events or provide email lists to companies. 

Depending on the nature of the request, organizations may be referred to the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations or the Center for Professional Development for further discussion, as appropriate.

We also encourage student organizations to contact the Center for Professional Development with details about your event. They may be able to support your event or provide additional guidance to working with specific corporations.