Contracts and Vendors

For events such as outdoor carnivals and lawn parties that typically require hiring an outside vendor to provide entertainment and novelties, student organizations have used the services of vendors that are trustworthy and reliable.

Contracts and Outside Vendors

Please note that all contracts must be approved and signed by authorized Dartmouth staff. Please consult with your Collis advisor for assistance with contracts. 

  • Honorarium – "A payment given for professional services that are rendered nominally without charge." Honorariums cannot be honored if we are invoiced or asked to sign a contract.
  • Speaker Agreement – Used as its own entity or as an addendum to an outside agency contract. The language has been vetted by OGC and should not be altered.
  • Limited Engagement Agreement – Used for independent contractors where payment is $5000.00 or less. The language has been vetted by OGC and should not be altered.
  • Outside Agency Contracts – Must be reviewed and reconciled with our Speaker Agreement if used in conjunction.

In some cases, the agent, broker, or vendor may need to be added to PaymentWorks. You can check with the Treasurer's Corner to see if they are in PaymentWorks or they can be added when the contract is finalized. 

When hiring an outside vendor to provide a service, there are certain policies regarding insurance requirements that must be followed. For a vendor to be approved, they must have insurance that provides specific levels of coverage that vary based on the type of company.

If you are having an event catered, it will need to be by an approved vendor. For a list of approved food vendors, visit this page and scroll down to Approved Food Provider List. If you are picking food up, it does not need to be from an approved vendor. 

Each category has a page listing the detailed insurance requirements. Any company hired must add Dartmouth, with the certificate holder specifically listed as The Trustees of Dartmouth College, 53 South Main Street #212, Hanover, NH 03755.

In some cases, vendors may not have the level of insurance coverage required by the College. Therefore, the organizations can apply for a waiver from Risk and Internal Control Services