COSO Termly Updates

Welcome to Fall Term, 2023!

COSO has several important updates to share with your organization. Please read the entire email.

Funding Proposals: All funding proposals must be submitted through Dartmouth Groups. Proposals are due Mondays at noon for the Wednesday meeting. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please visit the COSO website. Please review COSO funding guidelines before submitting a proposal. If approved, visit the Treasurer's Corner for information on how to access these funds.

Meeting Schedule: COSO will meet on the following Wednesdays this term: 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, and 11/8. There will be NO COSO MEETING ON Wednesday, October 11th. Please plan accordingly. COSO does not meet during reading period, finals, or interim.

Big Policy Meeting/Student Organization Training: The Big Policy Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 13th @ 5:30pm in Collis Common Ground. All organizations in attendance will receive $100 in discretionary funds. The training will include an overview of how COSO works, funding guidelines and procedures, and information about how to access and use funds. COSO recommends that all organization Presidents and Treasurers attend the meeting. There is no make-up date or online option.  

Term Budgets: Term budgets are due Friday, September 15 @ noon via Dartmouth Groups using the regular budget proposal form. (Please be sure to check "term budget," which can be found as an option in the form)  Term Budgets are only for recurring events that have been funded by COSO in the past. (No new events can be submitted as a term budget) Please visit the COSO website for detailed instructions on how to submit a term budget. In your term budget, please be sure to include detailed information about your event, including date, time, location, speaker names, topic of discussion, and itemized food budget. If any of this information is missing, you will most likely not get funded. In addition, if you are planning a large/costly event, you will most likely come in to meet with the COSO board.

COSO Guideline Changes for 2023-2024 Academic Year: 

Events with Food

  • 3 Events with food per term. 
    • 2 @ Meal Guidelines ($9/person)
    • 1 @ Snack Guidelines ($4/person)


  • 5 attendees when driving to conference/travel experience


  • COSO does not fund websites for groups. (Exception: Publications using the Go Green Initiative)
  • COSO does not fund study sessions. 
  • COSO does not fund events off-campus. 
  • COSO does not fund photography at events or headshots for students. 
  • COSO does not fund filming of events. 
  • Groups must be in good standing with COSO. Groups with a deficit will not be renewed in fall term until resolved. 

All COSO Funding Guidelines can be found on the COSO website

Event Registration in Dartmouth Groups: New this term for COSO groups. All events must be submitted and confirmed via Dartmouth Groups. Please look for a separate email with details coming later this week. 

Dartmouth Groups Office Hours: Beginning on Wednesday, September 13, and throughout the fall term, visit office hours on Wednesday between 1:30 pm and 3pm in the Collis 211. If you have any questions about Dartmouth Groups, please email

Treasurers Corner Drop-In Hours: If you have questions about all things finances or need assistance to work through budgetary issues, please stop by Collis 211G between 10am-12pm on Tuesdays. Diane Nadeau and Sophia Qian can also be reached at to answer your questions as well. You can also visit the Treasurer's Corner here.

Budget Reports: Your organization account will receive a weekly budget report via email that summarizes activity, income, expenses, and balance in your account each week. The report will only show transactions that have cleared through the financial system and actually posted to the account. There might be transactions that are pending or in process that are not included in the report. For instructions on reading the report, please click here. If you have additional questions, please blitz the

Travel for Student Organizations: Please review the travel policy for COSO groups. ALL travel must be reported prior to departure via the travel contact form. Failure to do so could result in loss of group privileges and/or reimbursement for group travel expenses. There are also some additional requirements on the Global Dartmouth website

COSO/Dartmouth Policies: Please review COSO group related policies by visiting the COSO website. Please review the "Participation in Student Organizations Policy," which can be found on the Policies section of the COSO website. 

Duo: If you haven't already, you will need to set up DUO 2-Factor Authentication in order to log into your organization's email. For more information on this, please visit:

Advising: Each COSO group has been assigned an advisor from Student Involvement for additional support and resources. This is in addition to your faculty/staff advisor. They will be reaching out with additional information, but feel free to direct questions you may have to them. 

  • Publications: Jim Broutzos
  • Issue Awareness: Josh Rivard
  • Political: Ed McKenna
  • Culture-Specific: Natalie Kittikul
  • Recreational: Josh Rivard
  • Academic Competition: Anna Hall
  • Service & Philanthropy: Natalie Kittikul
  • Performance: David Pack
  • Pre-Professional: Anna Hall

Event Planning Workshop: Wednesday, September 27th from 5:30pm-6:45pm in Collis 101. Interactive event planning workshop led by Student Life that will: review event planning processes at Dartmouth;help facilitate autonomy when navigating complex processes; offer guidance in maintaining consistency despite organizational turnover; identify how to work smarter/not harder and mitigate stress. Register here:

Update Officer Positions in Dartmouth Groups: Be sure to update your officer positions in Dartmouth Groups. (A President and Treasurer are required, but you can also add additional positions) Directions: On your group page, under dashboard, select officers. Then, select the position title from the drop-down menu next to the officer name.

Welcome Weeks Events: Looking to promote your student organization to 27s? Have an audition, open meeting, workshop, or social event planned for September? Want to stand out and promote your events outside of all the listserv emails? Make an event on Dartmouth Groups and tag "Weeks of Welcome." Tagging "Weeks of Welcome" will help any Dartmouth student, but especially 27s, know of new membership opportunities and introductory student organization events.

Annual Renewal: Each fall, COSO groups are asked to complete an annual renewal to remain "active" for the upcoming year. Please look for a separate email coming soon with instructions and information. It is critical that you complete the renewal by the deadline.

If you have questions about any of the information in this email, please email

Have a great fall term!