Submitting a Proposal

Submitting a Proposal via Dartmouth Groups

Befiore submitting a proposal, it might help to watch this video about submitting a proposal. 

Log in to Dartmouth Groups and go to your organization's group page to submit a Funding Request. To find your group in Dartmouth Groups, you can do one of the following: 

  • Under the groups section of the top menu, search for the specific group and click the gear icon. 
  • Locate the "My Groups" section of the homepage after you log in and click view all. Once you click into your group, click the manage button next to teh group's name. 
  • Under "My activity" on the left column menu, select "my groups." Once you click into your group, click the manage button next to the group's name. 

To request funding:

  • Click either budget on the main manage page of your group or under the left navigation menu, select money. 
  • Click "COSO Funding Request" under budgets at the top of the page. 
  • Click the +Create Budget Request button at the top of right (gray shaded button)
  • Fill out the form and hit submit. 

Entering the content of your budget request:

  1. Select a budget request type from the dropdown provided. (General Funding, Publications, Conference/Travel)
  2. Enter Title and Description: This should be the name of the event or request, with a brief description of your event. Be specific. 
  3. Once finished, click "Next"
  4. Select the line item type from the drop down menu (food, supplies, etc.) and enter the amount you are requesting. You do NOT have to indicate the amount financed by group; just enter the total amount requested in the amount requested field. 
  5. In the notes for each line item, include a description and quantity if applicable for each item. 
  6. Once finished, click "Next"
  7. Fill out the COSO Budget Request additional questions form. Include any additional documents or information that pertain to your event or request. For example, you can include a quote from a caterer, description of a performer, etc.
  8. After you submit your request, you will receive a form confirmation. This is not an approval of our funding; this means that your request has been received and will be reviewed by COSO. 

Your request will then go to the COSO Board for review and you will be invited to attend the next Wednesday COSO meeting. Once reviewed you will receive a notification of the status of your funding request and next steps. 

If approved, you must complete this form to initiate processes for all purchases, payments, and reimbursements.