Student Organization Name and Constitution Changes


  • Except in extraordinary circumstances, student organizations should not change their name or constitution, as this is tied to COSO recognition.
  • Groups may not change their mission or purpose
  • Any changes to organization name or constitution updates MUST receive approval from COSO/Student Involvement.

Name Change Request

The name of your organization should reflect the mission and purpose of your group and be determined at the time of recognition. Name changes will only be considered by COSO if the name does not represent the mission/purpose of your organization well or the name is vague or misleading. Groups may not change their name without COSO approval.


  • Groups requesting a name change should email with the following information:
    • Current Name
    • Requested Name
    • Justification/explanation for why name change is needed
    • Attach copy of Constitution
  • COSO will review your request and respond to you via email with a decision. At times, a discussion with the COSO board may be required. 

Constitution Change Process

There may be times when a group needs to update their constitution. Please note, the mission/purpose of a group may not be changed.

  1. Review sample/template COSO constitution to make sure you are including all required components in your constitution.
  2. Make necessary amendments/changes and follow the constitution amendment process as outlined in your current Constitution.
  3. Email with the following:​​​​​​ 
    • Current Constitution
    • Updated Constitution with Track Changes in Microsoft Word
    • Updated Constitution - clean copy in Microsoft Word
  4. Your updated constitution will be reviewed by COSO/Student Involvement and you will be notified of a decision via email. COSO may reach out if there are questions or clarification needed. At times, a meeting with the COSO board may be necessary.
  5. Once approved, you must upload your new constitution to your Engage page. A copy will also be saved in COSO/Student Involvement files.


  • Groups may not affiliate with an outside organization or become a chapter of a regional/national group without COSO approval.
  • Organizations that want to change their mission and purpose must apply for recognition as a new group.