There are a variety of ways in which your organization can advertise its events to campus.

Ways to Advertise Your Event

  • Sidewalk chalk: Chalk may not be drawn on the sides of buildings or under overhangs. 
  • Banners: Paint can be checked out from the Collis info desk and banner paper is located in Collis 301. Masking tape can be obtained from the info desk for hanging posters in the atrium. 
  • Printing posters: Contact Dartmouth Printing and Mailing Services.
  • Email: Send a mass message to the campus to advertise your event. The Campus-Events Listserv Manager will approve the blitz and it will be sent out to the subscribed undergraduate student list. Only recognized organizational email accounts may send messages to the Campus- Events Listserv. Messages sent using personal Dartmouth email accounts will automatically be deined.