About Room Draw

Room Draw is the online process returning students go through to choose their fall-term housing.

Room Draw Requirements

All students participating in Room Draw must register by the registration deadline.

All students who register and who meet the following criteria will be sent their selection time-slot before their selection date.

  • Enrolled for fall 2017.
  • Not already housed for the fall.

If you are registered but don’t meet the criteria, you will be notified that you are not eligible.

Room Draw uses the BannerStudent Housing Application: StarPortal site. Registration and selection are all part of the same application, but sections become available based on date. Time-slots are issued to groups of 20 registered students for an “exclusive” period of time, at which point the next 20 students are given access.​

House Communities

Students who want to live in their House communities will indicate this preference on their housing application. For details on room types and designations please visit your House community page.

Living Learning Communities

All Living Learning Communities (LLCs) with the exception of stand-alone LLC Houses and the Max Kade German Center and the Hillel LLC, are located in McLaughlin. Please see the Living Learning website for details about each community and its residency expectations. If you would like to prepare your application answers before filling out the housing registration, you can find the application prompts on the website as well.

This year LLC room assignments for fall term will be made by hand, rather than through online selection, as it as been difficult to fit all students correctly into the available spaces when that fit is dependent on when students picks their room online. Assignments will be made taking into consideration your LLC preference order, advisor feedback on applications, space available in each community, as wel as your roommate group (if you are part of one) and housing priority number.

If accepted to an LLC, you are committed to live in that LLC and are not eligible for other fall housing options.

Greek Housing

Students must work with their Greek house to confirm their space on the house roster. The final roster is due into the Housing Office on by Thursday, April 13th. Students on the roster must sign their contract riders on BannerStudent Housing StarPortal by Monday, April 24th. Each Greek house must be at their required minimum occupancy by then. If they are not, members of that organization will be prevented from participating in Room Draw until minimum occupancy has been met.

Housing for Medical/Disability Related Needs

If you have medical and/or disability related need that you believe may impact what room type you need, be sure you have submitted your Room Draw registration by April 20th.  If you have not applied before, or if your documentation has expired, be sure your medical care provider submits the Documentation for Accommodation form to the Housing Office by April 20th  For a link to the form and more information visit: http://students.dartmouth.edu/residential-life/sites/students_residential_life.prod/files/office_residential_life/wysiwyg/accommodationneeds.pdf. Students approved for Housing for a Medical and/or Disability Related Need are assigned appropriate housing by the Housing Office and will be notified of their assignment by April 28th.

Senior Apartments

Apartments for four students (one apartment houses 3 students) are available on the west side of campus in Maxwell and Channing Cox, and the east side of campus in the Ledyard Apartments and the buildings at 10 and 16 North Park Street. The cost of living in an on-campus apartment is the same as living in other on-campus residences. In addition, students in the on-campus undergraduate apartments in these specific locations will be eligible for a new on-campus apartment-only dining plan, which will be the least expensive plan available for students living on campus. 

Seniors in roommate groups for the apartments can belong to different House Communities.

Substance Free Housing

Students who are fully committed to living in an atmosphere free from presence and effects of alcohol and other drugs (including tobacco) should indicate their interest on their housing application. All students are expected to comply with the College's alcohol and drug policies; students who choose to live in substance free housing agree to comply with the substance free housing policies.

If substance free housing is a priority, students should answer the appropriate question in their housing application. For first-year students we will match you with a roommate who also requests substance free housing. For upperclass students we will determine which floors in each House Community will be substance free based on the number of students who indicate this as a priority. We cannot guarantee substance free housing, but will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Residential Policies

College residence policies and terms become legally binding when either you receive your room assignment notification or you are notified verbally of your assignment by a Residential Life official, unless you cancel the assignment in writing.