Withdrawal from Dartmouth College

Effective Date

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Office of Primary Responsibility

Affected Parties

Undergrads in Residence

Policy Statement

Any student who withdraws from or is no longer enrolled at the College while bound by a housing contract must, within 48 hours of the effective date of such action:

  • Notify the Undergraduate Housing Office
  • Remove all belongings from her or his assigned room and all storage facilities
  • Return the room key to the Undergraduate Housing Office or the Department of Safety and Security

Any assignment will be canceled and financial reimbursement made in accordance with the College's refund schedule. Students failing to vacate in accordance with this policy will be responsible for any and all appropriate charges to remove the abandoned property and may be subject to additional disciplinary action.

Students seeking to return to Dartmouth following a withdrawal must apply for housing by the relevant term's deadline if they wish a room to be held for them pending a decision on their request to return. Students approved to return are not eligible for interim housing unless the Undergraduate Housing Office received approval from the student's dean. For more information on return deadlines, please follow this link.