OrgSync is an online community that provides students with the ability to join and manage student organizations. 

About OrgSync

OrgSync helps students learn about getting involved at Dartmouth and connect with organizations and students on campus. It allows organizations to manage records, store and share important documents, communicate with members, publicize events, and track hours.

Benefits to Student Organizations

  • Store documents, pictures, your organization constitution, old funding proposals and more online. 
  • Use polling tools to get quick feedback from your organization or community.
  • Maintain an accurate organization membership roster.
  • Use a calendar for scheduling events within your organization and Dartmouth College.
  • Advertise events to campus and to your members.
  • Build a website easily.
  • Communicate with your members through internal messages, emails, news posts, and texting.
  • Push information about events to Facebook.
  • Apply for COSO funding through OrgSync: manage your checkbook and keep track of your spending.
  • Hold annual officer elections.
  • Be more sustainable: it has an online form builder.

Benefits to Students

  • Search and join student organizations.
  • Stay connected on campus and learn about events.
  • Track your activities and involvements through a co-curricular transcript.
  • Build an e-portfolio to package all of your academic, involvement and work experience together.