2020-2021 COSO Updates/Policies

Fall Term 2020 Information

Funding: COSO has some funding available for student groups this fall! The funding is limited, so COSO may not be able to fund all requests that are submitted. All funding guidelines still apply, so please review them on the COSO website

COSO Meetings & Proposals: COSO meetings this term will be done virtually. COSO will meet to review proposals on Wednesdays starting Wednesday, September 23. Proposals are due on Mondays at noon for the Wednesday meeting that week. All proposals must be submitted via Engage. For detailed instructions on how to submit a proposal, please visit the COSO website. COSO may want to ask you questions about your proposal during their weekly meeting. A representative from your organization must be available from 4-5pm on Wednesday and have access to zoom. A COSO member will text you with a zoom link when you can enter the meeting. (Details will be provided in a separate email to those who have submitted proposals). 

**Please note – there will be no COSO Meeting on 10/21, so plan accordingly.

Virtual Events: COSO encourages organizations to continue to plan and host virtual events/meetings during 20F. If you need assistance with planning a virtual event, please email coso@dartmouth.edu and visit the Collis website

Event Parameters: There are new guidelines/parameters for in-person student events. It is expected that all organizations adhere to these new policies and all college policies. Please read through these policies in detail and email student.involvement@dartmouth.edu with any questions. 

Event Planning: Please email Student Involvement or stop by Collis 301/303 M-F from 1-4 if you have any questions about event planning  (virtual or in-person) or need help navigating the new guidelines. 

Term Budgets: COSO will not be reviewing term budgets this term. Please submit all proposals as regular budget proposals. 

Big Policy Meeting: There will be no Big Policy Meeting this term. Please use this webpage for fall term specific information and the rest of the COSO website for details related to funding, financial procedures, and other protocols.

Budget Reports: Your organization account will receive a weekly budget report via email that summarizes activity, income, expenses, and balance in your account each week. The report will only show transactions that have cleared through the financial system and actually posted to the account. There might be transactions that are pending or in process that are not included in the report. For instructions on reading the report, please click here. If you have additional questions, please blitz the Collis.Center.Treasurers.Corner@dartmouth.edu

Financial: Please contact the Treasurer's Corner if you have any financial-related questions. 

Annual Renewal: Each fall, COSO groups are asked to complete an annual renewal to remain "active" for the upcoming year. It is critical that you complete the renewal by the deadline to avoid becoming inactive. For more information, please visit: https://students.dartmouth.edu/coso/organizations/managing-organization/annual-renewal

Travel: Per College policy, COSO groups are not permitted to travel on organization business this term. 

Duo: If you haven't already, you will need to set up DUO 2-Factor Authentication in order to log into your organization's email.  For instructions on how to do this, please visit :https://students.dartmouth.edu/coso/organizations/managing-organization/email-duo

Prizes: COSO has revised their prize guidelines. For more information, please visit: https://students.dartmouth.edu/coso/funding/funding-guidelines/events