Fall Housing FAQs

Commonly asked Q&As

Q: When will we get our room assignments? 

A: Room assignments will be announced no later than the first week in August, before the fall course election process begins. Additional information about forming roommate groups, applying for Living Learning communities, expressing interest in senior apartments, and related details will be sent on June 15. Students have until 5 pm on Monday, June 21, to complete the next phase of their housing application. This is not a "first-come, first-served process," so students have time to consider options until the deadline on June 21.  

Q: How many extra beds did you get from tripling and lounges?

A: We identified as many as we could within permitting and reasonable use limits, which is 86 additional beds. These will be assigned after all other on-campus assignments are made. 

Q: Do students assigned to a triple or a lounge have a choice? 

A: Students assigned to triples or lounges may choose to cancel their housing request, but will not have an alternative room assignment option for fall.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the incentive lottery? 

A: All returning students who had requested fall on-campus housing are eligible. Members of the Class of 2025 and new students are not. 

Q: Will you offer the lottery more than once? 

A: The lottery is a one-time opportunity. Lottery results will be shared on Wednesday, June 23. Students randomly selected for the $5000 payments through the lottery will be notified of their payment and removed from the fall housing pool on June 23. Students who don't choose to participate in the lottery or aren't selected for a payment will remain in the housing and waitlist process. Students who requested fall housing will receive more incentive details on June 15 so that they can make informed decisions about whether to participate. 

Q: If I'm not selected for a lottery payment or if I don't like my housing assignment, may I cancel my housing assignment over the summer? 

A: Yes. Students may cancel their housing request at any time for any reason (though only those who participate in the lottery and are randomly selected on June 23 will receive the incentive payment). As students make individual choices to cancel their housing or to change their D-Plans for fall, students on the waitlist will be offered those beds.  

Q: How many students are currently on the waitlist?

A: As we expect that will be changing in the next week, we will provide an update on Wednesday, June 23. 

Q: I'm on the waitlist. What are my chances of getting a bed? 

A: We'll have more information for you on June 23, after we get through the incentive process. After that, because bed openings are dependent on individual choices that other students make, it is impossible to predict. Every summer there are students who decide to cancel in July and August for a variety of reasons, so we do expect there will be some availability later in the summer. We just don't know—particularly as we reopen—how many students will make that choice.  

Q: I receive financial aid. How will I pay local rent? 

A: Students receiving financial aid should speak to their financial aid officer about their individual local housing allowance.  

Q: I'm an international student on the waitlist. What are my options? 

A: You are eligible to participate in the lottery. If you consider changing your D-plan altogether, you should be consulting your undergraduate dean and OVIS about academic and visa status implications.

Q.  What is the time-line for assignments?

A.  Our timeline for assignments is to start with Senior Apartments the week of June 28. Students will be notified that week if they did, or did not get an apartment. Those who didn't get an apartment will have time to amend or delete roommate groups, as they wish. We will then work onto assignments for those who are approved for housing accommodations/adjustments, then the Stand-Alone LLCs and then House Communities. 

Q. Can a student on the waitlist join a roommate group?

A. No, a student on the waitlist cannot join a roommate group. We will have more information for students on the waitlist once we complete the incentive process. While the deadline for the fall housing application, waitlist confirmation and incentive lottery are all on Monday, June 21, we will keep the roommate group page of the housing application open until June 28 so that students who are moved from the waitlist to the applicant pool can join/create roommate groups.