Fall 2024 Room Draw FAQs

Commonly asked Q&As

Q: When will I get my time to choose a room?  

A: House Room Draw dates and timeslots will be sent by email on Friday, April 19, 2024. These are the times you will use to try and select your fall room during your House Community Room Draw during the week of April 22, 2024.

Q: Where do I go on-line to choose my room?  

A: Go to DartHub, Housing: StarPortal and select the Housing Intention & Application. Open up the Fall Application and go to On-Line Selection. You will be able to select a building from a list on the side once your time-slot has begun.

Q: Where do I find a list of open rooms?  

A: The day of your Room Draw an automatically updating list will be available on your DartHub.

Q: When does Room Draw start? 

A: Apartment Room Draw is on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. East Wheelock and West House Room Draws are on April 23, 2024, Allen and School Houses are on April 24, 2024, and North Park and South Houses are on April 25, 2024.

Q: My first choice is an Apartment, and my second choice is an LLC, what do I do?  

A: You can apply to the LLC and go through Senior Apartment Selection on April 10, 2024. If you get an apartment, your LLC application will be withdrawn.  

Q: I'm interested in an apartment, but only if it's in a certain building. Do I have to choose an apartment if I sign up for Apartment Room Draw?  

A: No, you don't have to select an apartment. If they apartment type or location is not available when it's your turn to choose, you can log out and you will then be eligible for your House Community Room Draw (or an LLC, if you applied to one of those programs).

Q: How do I choose a room if I am approved for a housing accommodation or adjustment? 

A: Students who submit their Fall Housing Application by April 11th at 2pm (EST) and are approved for a housing accommodation by Student Accessibility Services will be assigned by the Housing Office and sent their assignment details by April 19, 2024. Information on changes to the Accommodation process for medical and/or disability needs and the Religious Housing Accommodation process can be found on our website.

Q: If I applied for an LLC, Apartment and/or a Housing Accommodation/Adjustment and didn't put down House Community as a housing choice on my application, can I still go through my House Room Draw?

A: Yes, if you have not secured housing through an earlier process, you will automatically receive a room selection time-slot for your House Room Draw. 

Q: What if I have another obligation during my timeslot? 

A: If you are not able to get on-line to select your room during your timeslot, you can email the Housing Office one business day before your selection night and ask us to select a room on your behalf. Please use "PROXY" as your subject and provide as extensive a list of your preferred rooms as possible.

Q: If I don't have a roommate and all the singles are gone, can I choose a double or triple and have the Housing Office assign me a roommate?  

A: No, you must have enough people in a roommate group to fill the beds in a room in order to select it. If you are not able to choose a room, you indicate you wish to be matched with a roommate and placed into any available space the day after your House Room Draw. Should you not secure housing that way, you can submit a Fall Waitlist application on DartHub, Housing: StarPortal.

Q: What kind of confirmation will I get that I got a room?  

A: At the end of each night we send out an email that confirms your assignment. Your assignment will not be visible on-line.

Q: Is my assignment binding? Can I cancel and try for a different room?  

A: Your assignment is binding – if you select a room, you cannot cancel your housing and try for a different room during Room Draw. Cancellations received after a room is selected until July 17th are subject to a $250 cancelation fee. After the 17th the fee increases to $500. The fee is automatically waived if you are accepted to an off-campus program or transfer/exchange term after Room Draw.

Q: What happens if I don't get a room?  

A: Rising sophomores who completed a fall housing application and submit the Fall Waitlist by May 14, 2024 at 2pm (EST) and remain an "R" for the fall (registered for classes here in Hanover) are guaranteed housing. The Waitlist will be available on DartHub, Housing Application: StarPortal at the close of your House's Room Draw and is due May 14, 2024 at 2pm (EST). We can't guarantee what type of room you will get, but you will get housing over the summer for fall term. Rising Juniors & Seniors who applied for fall housing can also submit waitlist applications if they do not select housing at Room Draw. Those applications will be processed once we know we have space for all rising sophomores.

If you have questions not covered here, stop by the Housing Office on the 3rd floor of Robinson Hall or give us a call at 603-646-3093.  We are open Monday – Friday, 9am to noon and 1pm to 4:30pm.