Living Learning Community Essays

If you would like to apply to be a Living Learning Community UGA, complete essays for up to three communities in which you are interested. This requirement applies only to the following LLC programs. For more information about the programs, contact the Living Learning office.

Please Note

Fill out the following essay questions for each program to which you apply. You should write your essays and read over the program descriptions before completing the application. We also suggest that you contact the faculty or staff advisor of the program, or the Living Learning office, if you are unfamiliar with the community or want to learn more.

Many of these questions are the same as those asked on the program’s housing application. If you intend to apply to live in one of these programs in the event that you are not selected to be a UGA, you should save your essay responses so that you do not have to rewrite them for the housing application.

Chinese Language House

  • Please list any pertinent information about your competence in Chinese (indicate if you are a native speaker, how much time you have spent in China, how many years you have studied Chinese, etc.).
  • List the reasons you wish to live in the CLH. (Please answer in both English and Chinese.)
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions? If so, please explain.

DEN In Residence

  • Please provide us with a pitch deck addressing the following questions. The pitch deck can come in any form: Word document or PDF; five-slide Powerpoint presentation; link to a video or website in a Word document. Submit your pitch deck to the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee.
    • Why you?
    • What do you bring?
    • How do you define entrepreneurship and the resulting entrepreneurial output?
    • How do your academic interests influence your entrepreneurial outlook?
    • What have you done that is entrepreneurial? 
  • Residents will experience a two-term innovation cycle to develop the full DEN in Residence. Describe your interest in developing this community and your current understanding of living learning communities.

Foley House

  • We do faculty dinners five times per term. Choose three people (living or dead) who you would like to have dinner with and explain why.
  • Since Foley House is a living cooperative (i.e., we all help care for the house, contribute to a house fund, buy ingredients, cook and attend dinners, etc.), we are all about working, learning, and living together. Knowing this, what makes you a good fit for Foley House and why do you want to live there? Please include what you are hoping to gain from, and what you are able to contribute to, the Foley community.
  • Describe your leadership style: how you handle conflict? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader? How do you think all of these qualities will influence the way you navigate being the UGA of Foley House?

Gender Equity Program Floor

  • Why are you interested in the Gender Equity Program Floor and what would make you a strong UGA candidate?
  • What previous experience with exploring gender (academic, personal, and/or community) do you bring with you to this program?
  • Please describe any dialogue, facilitation or leadership training experience (DPP, IGD, LDP, etc.) that you have completed either on campus or off.

Global Village

  • The Global Village is made up of many parts, and first-year and upper-class students live on mixed floors together. Please describe your interest in being a Global Village UGA, keeping in mind its various parts. How do you envision building community in the Global Village, and what do you hope to gain from this experience?
  • The Global Village is inclusive of all life experiences and backgrounds. Please describe what you bring to the Global Village. Consider your interests, experiences, skills, language knowledge, and/or perspectives.
  • Describe three ways that you will contribute to the collective academic, cultural, and social learning experience in the Global Village. For example, what types of activities and opportunities would you be interested in organizing to enhance the Global Village experience?

Humanities Floor

Essays coming soon!

Interfaith Program Floor

  • Why are you interested in the Interfaith Living Learning Community (IFLLC) floor?
  • What previous experience with exploring inter-faith dialogue, community or relationship building (academic, personal, and/or community) do you bring with you to this program?
  • What unique contributions can you offer to facilitate a deeply enriching learning experience for IFLLC residents?

La Casa

  • Briefly explain why you are interested in living in La Casa.
  • Describe your experience with the Spanish and/or Portuguese language(s), and with Hispanic and/or Luso-Brazilian cultures. (Please answer in both English and Spanish.)
  • How do you think you would contribute to the academic, cultural, and social learning environment in La Casa, based on your experience and interests?

Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies House

  • How will living in the LALACS House benefit your academic and personal growth?
  • What experiences have you had (research, LSA program, academic travel experiences, etc.) and courses (Latino Studies, Latin American Studies, English, History, Government, Geography, Anthropology, etc.) that can create an interdisciplinary learning connection to the Latino community and Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies program in the House?
  • How do you see yourself adding and participating to the academic and social learning environment in the House based on these experiences?

Native American House

  • In what ways have you been, or are you currently involved with, the Native American House (NAH), Native American Studies (NAS), the Native American Program (NAP), or the Native American community at Dartmouth?
  • What unique qualities and contributions would you bring to the NAH, and how would they benefit or compliment the residential program and/or the Native American and greater Dartmouth communities?
  • Why do you want to participate in Native American House Residential Education Programming?

Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry

  • Please list all AAAS courses you have taken in the past.
  • Briefly explain why you are interested in living in the Shabazz Center.
  • Briefly describe how you plan to participate, and share any ideas you have for enhancing house programs given its mission.

Sustainable Living Center

  • What is one experience, sustainability-related or not, that has given you an awareness of your impact on the world?
  • What is one thing you could contribute to or learn from being a part of the SLC community?
  • Sustainability is both a social and academic experience for students at Dartmouth. The SLC is designed to introduce new students to sustainability practice and support students who choose to embrace sustainability as a part of a healthy, happy life at Dartmouth. As the UGA of the SLC, how would you drive these principles in the house and why are you passionate about doing so?

Thriving Through Transitions Floor

Essays coming soon!

Triangle House

  • Given the program statement above, what opportunities do you think the Triangle house presents for its residents and what role will you play in facilitating them?
  • Please list all academic courses, course work, or independence research on LGBTQIA topics you have completed in the past.
  • Please describe any additional experiences that would inform your ability to be an effective UGA in the Triangle House including, but not limited to, previous participation in the Gender Equity Program Floor, participation in related campus organizations, leadership facilitation training, time as an OPAL intern, or participation in LDP or DPP.