Room Entry by College Employees

Affected Parties

Undergrads in Residence

Policy Statement

The College reserves the right to enter and to inspect any student room at any time without permission or consent of the room occupant(s) to provide emergency service or general maintenance work, make safety or condition inspections or investigate probable violation(s) of College regulations.

  • If a room is entered to perform maintenance or repairs when an occupant is not present, a note will be left in the room stating that a College employee was in the room for an official reason and will give a telephone number that the student may call for information about the maintenance repair.
  • College employees will lock the room door after the inspection or maintenance work is completed.
  • Any student who enters another student room without permission is considered to be engaging in endangering behavior, and will face disciplinary action that typically results in removal from College residences.

During defined Interim periods, the College reserves the right to use designated residence halls to house guests of the College and undergraduate students who are unable to return home. Regularly assigned occupants of these rooms will receive no reduction in rent for such use and will make their rooms reasonably available.

Room Entry During End of Term or Interim Closing

At the end of each term and interim period, the Office of Residential Life designates a closing date and time for that term. On this date and time, all residents are expected to have vacated their rooms unless permission has been granted to remain. During the closing period, staff members from the Office of Residential Life will enter each student's room to ensure compliance with closing procedures. During this process, if items are found that violate College or ORL rules and regulations, the appropriate office will be notified, the items may be confiscated and the occupants will face disciplinary charges.

Effective Date

July 1, 2015

Office of Primary Responsibility