Room Access

Affected Parties

Undergrads in Residence

Policy Statement

Students' keys open their assigned individual room or suite door within the building. In some facilities, students' ID cards provide access to their suite or apartment; as a result, the entry doors to these locations are locked at all times.

Tampering with electronic or traditional locking devices is a serious matter because it has an impact on other residents' health and safety. Any student found tampering with locking devices or impeding their function in any way will be removed from College residences.

The entry doors to most rooms or suite of rooms are equipped with deadbolts, and all windows have locking devices.

  • Students are expected to sign out their room key.
  • Students are encouraged to lock their doors at all times.
  • Students are encouraged to report the presence of any suspicious persons or unusual activities in the residence halls.
  • Room keys or entrance door access devices are not provided to guest or visitors.
  • Student rooms can be accessed by other students only after securing appropriate permission.
  • Students should not enter another resident's room without the knowledge and consent of the occupant(s), regardless of whether or not the door is closed and locked.
  • New or additional locks may not be affixed to doors.

Obtaining Room Keys

A room key is issued to each student assigned to a College residence. Students are responsible for picking up their key from the Housing Office and locking their rooms.

  • Only one room key per occupant will be issued.
  • Keys must be returned to the Housing Office or one of the remote key return sites located in the Hopkins Center, the River, the Choates, East Wheelock, and Safety and Security.
  • A key will be loaned to a student only when a Lock Change Request is filed and approved.
  • Students must present photographic identification in order to receive a room, kitchen locker or loan key.
  • When a room is vacated, failure to return the key will result in a $55 lock change charge.
  • Privately-owned Greek letter organizations and Society Houses are responsible for providing residents with room keys and access to the building.

Effective Date

July 1, 2015

Office of Primary Responsibility