Residential Space Reservation Policy

Reason for Policy

Residential common spaces exist to promote intellectual engagement, community building, and residential continuity for our students in and through the residential experience. The space reservation policy seeks to ensure that common spaces are used consistent with this purpose, while also creating opportunities for students to engage with stakeholders from the broader campus community.

Affected Parties

All Students, All Faculty, All Staff

Policy Statement

This policy applies to the large undergraduate residential common spaces that can be reserved for events:

Brace Commons, East Wheelock House

Fahey Ground and First-Floor Main Lounges, West House

House Center A, South House

House Center B, Allen and School Houses

Occom Commons, McLaughlin Living Learning Communities and North Park House

Instructions for Residential Events:

  • Submit a reservation request through the EMS system.
  • Please do not assume you are approved to use the space until you receive confirmation, even if the calendar shows that a space is available.

Instructions for Non-Residential Events:

  • If your event complies with this policy, please submit a reservation request through the EMS system.
  • Reservations for non-residential events are typically limited to 8am-3pm, Monday through Friday. Reservation requests for non-residential events outside of this timeframe are likely to be declined.
  • House Centers A and B cannot be reserved for non-residential events.
  • Common spaces cannot be reserved for non-residential events occurring during reading periods, final exams, or New Student Orientation.
  • To seek an exception to the reservation policy, please send an email to the Program Coordinator for the space you would like to reserve. Program Coordinator names are provided below.
  • Please do not assume you have approval to use the space until you receive confirmation, even if the calendar shows that a space is available. Reservations can be declined for various reasons, including limited staff time to process and support your reservation request.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Weekdays 3pm-Midnight and entire weekends are considered "prime time" for residential programming, community gatherings, and resident use. Only residential staff and student leaders can reserve common spaces during these times. This stipulation does not apply during interim periods.
  • Recurring Events: Only residential staff and student leaders can book common spaces for recurring residential events.
  • Reservation requests for non-residential events will be accepted at the start of the term for events during that term, no sooner than one month prior to the desired event date, and no later than seven days prior to the event.
  • Please allow a minimum of two business days to process your request.
  • All requests for AV, furniture, unlocking doors, or other set-up must be requested no later than 5 business days before the event. We may not be able to accommodate changes to your request under 5 business days before the event.
  • Non-residential events will typically be limited to no more than four hours in duration.
  • Common spaces cannot be reserved during the College shutdown in late December, during which time no services are available.
  • Brace Commons, Fahey Lounges, and Occom Commons are reserved through Conferences and Events between spring term closing and summer term closing.

Special Note about House Centers A and B:

  • House Centers can be reserved only for residential events.
  • House Centers are open spaces for student use and students should be able to access snack bars, study nooks, Green Print stations, and bathrooms, so events in the House Centers must be open to all students. Events that require privacy should be scheduled for another location.
  • House Center B has two sections that can be reserved separately: first floor and second floor.

Program Coordinators

Brace Commons, East Wheelock House: Bonghee Lis

Fahey Ground and First-Floor Main Lounges, West House: Pamela Duffy,

House Center A, South House: Jessica Mumford,

House Center B, Allen House: Rosalyn Goveia,

House Center B, School House: Erin McMahon,

Occom Commons McLaughlin LLCs and North Park House: Joyce Xiao,


Residential Events:

Events that are sponsored by a particular House or residential community (such as Living Learning Communities or first-year communities), and that are intended to be primarily (though not exclusively) for members and residents of that community. Sponsorship means that the event has been organized in conjunction with or approved by student leaders and residential staff.

Non-Residential Events:

Events that are not sponsored by a House or residential community.

Student Members of a Residential Community:

All student members assigned to a specific residential community, including members of a House, first-year students and members of a House who do not live in the House, and residents of a Living Learning Community. Student members of a residential community can only reserve spaces assigned to their House or Living Learning Community; they cannot reserve spaces in Houses or Living Learning Communities to which they are not assigned.

Residential Staff:

Assistant Directors, House Professors, UGAs, Resident Fellows, House Program Coordinators, House Center Student Managers, Living Learning Community Advisors and Live-in Advisors, student interns, and similar positions. Residential Staff typically would only be allowed to reserve spaces within their assigned House or Living Learning Community, unless granted an exception.

Student Leaders:

Students who have a formal elected or appointed position in their residential community, such as House Executive Board members, intramural coordinators, historians, and similar positions.

Effective Date

December 19, 2017

Last Revised Date

December 19, 2017

Office of Primary Responsibility